New year, new beginnings...

As we stepped into this new year, we stepped out in faith. We trusted that the God who called us to carry His light to Bolivia, would provide our needs to get there. We felt it was time to leave our current job and begin completely focusing our attention on the work God has called us to do. So, the first week of this new year, we began deputation full time.  

When we prayed about the decision to step away from our current job, we prayed specifically that God would provide 30 meetings for 2018. He met our hopeful expectations just in time, and as December closed out, we scheduled several more meetings that put our meeting count right at 30! With January, February, and March almost completely booked, we knew it was time to step away from our workplace commitments and get on the road full time. 

January has been a month of wonderful meetings and so many answered prayers, we couldn't begin to count them! We have been in 6 different churches this past month and two of those were missions conferences. We have been showered with love and our needs have been met above our expectations! Our hearts are encouraged and looking forward to another month of meetings.

Earlier in the month, some troubling news from Bolivia had us concerned and prayerful. Bolivia's president had decided to pass a law that would seriously limit religious freedom and evangelism in the country. It was heartbreaking to hear that steps were being taken to shut out the light that is so desperately needed in this country. As it states in Proverbs, "The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord", and we trusted that He would work mightily in this situation. Due to heavy backlash concerning the new law, the President was pressured to take steps to revoke that portion of the legislation. Praise the Lord for His love and desire to see the Bolivian people come to know Him. We are so humbled that He wishes to use us to take His truth to them! 

We are beginning this new month with around 10% of our needed support and we're looking forward to our upcoming meetings.