Our Pastor


      It is my pleasure to recommend Jacob and Shera McKinney to you and your church family. I have known this young couple for many years and have watched as they faithfully served our Lord Jesus here at Tidewater. Jacob and Shera have been active members while Jacob was completing his college education. They have continued to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus while serving for the past 3 years as our youth ministers. God has used them to have a tremendous influence upon our youth and their families. Now, our Lord has called them to minister to the people of Bolivia in South America. While we are genuinely sad to see them move on, we rejoice with them in God’s clear and faithful leadership in their lives.                  

       I know that you and your church will find them to be a cheerful and encouraging family. And believe you will sense their deep burden to reach the men, women, and children of Bolivia trapped in vain religion. Please prayerfully consider adding the McKinneys to your calendar. If I can provide any additional information or answer any questions, please feel free to contact me personally. Thank you and may God bless you and your ministry.

Pastor Charles Pearson                                              Senior Pastor-Tidewater Baptist Church


Dean Ken Sheets

Tabernacle Baptist Bible College


   Jacob began his studies at Tabernacle Baptist Bible College as a part-time student in the spring of 2008 after one semester at Ambassador Baptist College.  Having come to know the Godly character of his parents and other family members, I wondered if he, too, shared that love for the Creator and His revelation of Himself.  Jacob's diligence in study soon became apparent as he excelled in his coursework, but, when he married the next year while still very early in his program, I wondered if the added demands of marriage would turn him aside.  My wonderings have been answered as he persevered, with the support of Shera, his Godly wife, and completed his Bachelor's degree in 2016.

            Having interacted with Jacob and Shera, and other family members, many times through these years, I no longer wonder at his desire to fulfill the Creator's design for his life or his willingness to do what is needful to accomplish that work.  He and Shera have exhibited their heart not only to walk in the way of the LORD God but also to represent and share Him and His design accurately wherever He might place them.  The life of Jacob and Shera McKinney rests upon a sure foundation, and I have no reservations about recommending them as an excellent investment to all who love the LORD.


Kenneth F. Sheets


Tabernacle Baptist Bible College & Seminary